Schlauchdesinfektion auf Kirmes gegen Keime

The celebrations start again! Right on time for the summer season, funfairs, fairs and the popular shooting festivals start. 

In addition to exciting conversations, there is of course also a lot of eating and drinking. Unfortunately, germs and bacteria can often be found here.

„In general, you should take a close look at the food stalls before buying food,“ knows Melanie Bauermann, food expert at TÜV Rheinland FoodCert Alliance.
„Calmly look over the vendors‘ shoulders for a moment to judge whether work is really being done hygienically here. Switch on all your senses and don’t just let your hunger pangs guide you.“ Just take your time and observe how work is done at a stand: Are the work surfaces clean? Is merchandise just lying around? Are hands washed regularly?

Bacteria in the dispensing system
„Often there are germs in dispensing equipment because it has not been adequately rinsed. Contrary to popular belief, the alcohol content of beer is not sufficient to kill germs. This would only happen at higher alcohol contents,“ knows Melanie Bauermann from TÜV Rheinland. „Inadequate cleaning of dispensing equipment can thus lead to contamination with E. coli germs, for example.“

Hose disinfection is an important topic
How do the germs and bacteria get into the dispensing systems? Often, there is an influx of germs through contaminated drinking water hoses. A long storage period and incorrect storage of these KTW hoses can lead to the formation of biofilms, which are a breeding ground for bacteria. These biofilms and also the germs present in the water can be easily and effectively combated with biostream® ZERO. The biostream® active ingredient, chlorine dioxide, kills viruses, germs and bacteria present in the hose, thus preventing contamination of the dispensing system.

biostream® GmbH counts several service providers among its customers who are already successfully using biostream® ZERO for hose disinfection, thus ensuring germ-free water at beverage stands. So if you visit a medieval market, you can rely on hygienic conditions of the present.

The health authorities prescribe that drinking water hoses may only be laid in hygienically impeccable quality so that germs are not transferred to visitors. Currently, the health and also the trade inspectorates are increasingly on control, so that you can enjoy your visit healthy and safe.