Disinfection of tanks in motor homes, campers and boats with biostream® ZERO.

Biofilms and germs with biostream® ZERO

biostream® ZERO ensures hygienically perfect drinking water in tanks of motor homes, campers and boats and is able to destroy already grown biofilms. Completely without the use of silver and 100% in accordance with the German Drinking Water Regulations!

Bacteria, viruses and pathogenic germs are effectively killed by the drinking water approved active ingredient chlorine dioxide. In technical language these germs are called pseudomonads (Pseudomonas), E. coli (Escherichia coli) and Legionella. Colony-forming units (CFU or KBE) are also effectively combated.

Simplest application:
By adding the solid component to the liquid component, the disinfection concentrate based on chlorine dioxide is formed after a reaction time of only 3 hours. We provide several info sheets below. This active solution can be stored in a cool and dark environment for about two months. After that it decomposes to saline solution and water.

See the benefits. biostream® ZERO for disinfection of drinking water.

Did you know?

Hydrogen peroxide is not an approved drinking water disinfectant. According to the UBA list (annex to the Drinking Water Ordinance), hydrogen peroxide is only listed there as an "oxidant" and not as a "disinfectant".

Infoblatt zum Produkt biostream® ZERO

Erfahren Sie in diesem Infoblatt, wie Sie das Trink- & Tankwasser im Bereich Camping & Yachting mit dem biostream® ZERO- Konzentrat desinfizieren und wie Sie die korrekte Konzentration einstellen können, um Biofilme und Bakterien zu entfernen.

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Grundlagenwissen Trinkwasser

Wir erklären Ihnen auf nur 5 Seiten, welche Produkte zur Desinfektion von Trinkwasser zugelassen sind und warum silberhaltige Produkte in den USA mittlerweile als Pestizid gekennzeichnet werden müssen.

Well known from the trade press: biostream® ZERO (formerly TRAVEL):

Reports on biostream® products are regularly published in the trade press. There you will also find articles on the subject of „drinking water“ and „hygiene“. Some of these articles refer to our technical article „Basic knowledge of drinking water“.

However, since we decided a year ago not to actively place any more advertisements in the trade magazines, we have not been mentioned in the comparative tests since then. This is not surprising, because the trade magazines are financed by advertising revenues, among other things. The magazines shown on the left have reported on our product in the issues shown there.

Just look at the bottom of this page and discover an excerpt of our current references. There you will find some well-known companies that use our products without us paying advertising subsidies there.

You can see: The biostream® products are convincing even without cost-intensive advertising, which would make our products correspondingly more expensive.


Even if you have thought about the quality of the drinking water in your campervan in advance and have taken all precautions before your trip, however, you are still dependent on the local drinking water suppliers: Does the local water really meet EU drinking water standards? Do the local drinking water pipes really comply with EU regulations?

With biostream® ZERO you no longer have to worry about local conditions and can rely on the best drinking water! Germs, viruses and bacteria will no longer trouble your vacation.


A study commissioned by biostream® GmbH and conducted by the Institute of Food Science and Ecotrophology at Leibniz University in Hanover under the leadership of Dr. rer. nat. H.-D. Werlein confirms in 1,620 individual tests that the product biostream® ZERO is 99.9% effective against germs occurring in drinking water with exposure times of only 5 minutes.

The biostream® products have been used successfully since 2001 for disinfection in rail vehicles and on ships, in numerous hospitals and clinics, and by well-known beverage manufacturers in practice. Tests at the Institute of Food Science and Ecotrophology at Leibniz University in Hanover under the leadership of Dr. rer. nat. H.-D. Werlein again confirmed the excellent efficacy. Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Dieter Werlein is responsible for the area of food hygiene and microbiology.


Legionella (e.g. Legionella pneumophila) are a water hygiene problem that is often underestimated. They are also the cause of legionnaires' disease (legionellosis).

Legionella settle in the so-called biofilms, which can only be combated poorly or not at all by e.g. disinfectants containing hydrogen peroxide. Chlorine also has less disinfecting power than the active ingredient chlorine dioxide present in our products.

According to the current Drinking Water Ordinance, biostream® products are approved as disinfectants for drinking water. In addition, our products comply with the current requirements of the Biocide Directive.



Our customers combat biofilms, viruses and bacteria in very different application scenarios: The dentist worries about his treatment unit and the yacht owner or camper cares about the perfect hygiene of his water tank. But our products are also used in industry to combat Legionella and E.Coli.

The biostream® products are available in different container sizes and packaging:
We deliver as individually as necessary. For example, biostream® asepticaPRO is available in small 10ml vials that require very little storage space and are therefore ideal for travel and outdoor expeditions.

All biostream® products are approved as disinfectants for drinking water according to the current Drinking Water Ordinance and comply with Article 95 (2) of the Biocide Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012).

With the biostream® concentrates based on chlorine dioxide, you now have the possibility to reliably disinfect drinking water tanks, drinking water-carrying pipes and drinking water bubbler bottles. Use the active ingredient of the waterworks without expensive technical expenditure.

The active ingredient in biostream® products (chlorine dioxide) has been used to disinfect drinking water in waterworks since the mid-1950s. Complex and expensive equipment is used there for its production, which is now no longer necessary. Simply produce the effective chlorine dioxide yourself and benefit from the perfect effectiveness against E.Coli, Pseudomonads and Legionella!

Disinfect drinking water pipes, dispensing systems and tanks in mobile homes, camping vehicles and on boats and yachts in compliance with the law.  Germ-free drinking or process water for industry and commerce can be easily implemented with the concentrates of biostream® GmbH - contact us. Our products are also suitable for the disinfection of drinking water in times of crisis, for emergency preparedness in case of blackout, power failure and other catastrophic events.


The biostream® products ZERO and asepticaPRO comply with DIN 2001-2:2009-04 (drinking water supply from small systems and non-stationary systems) and they are effective over the entire drinking water pH range. Hydrogen peroxide is not mentioned in the DIN as a disinfectant - also in the current UBA list of the Federal Environment Agency hydrogen peroxide is only mentioned as an oxidant - but not as a disinfectant.

Take a look at the label of the disinfectant you are currently using: If you find hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient there, then according to the Federal Environment Agency you are NOT using a DISINFECTING AGENT but an oxidizing agent which, according to DVGW worksheet W291, must be dosed 25 X more strongly in order to achieve the same effectiveness as the active ingredient in the biostream® products.

And if your product also contains silver: Silver is also not mentioned as a disinfectant but only as a preservative. In addition, the following note on this can be found in the DIN: "Only in exceptional cases when storing drinking water without consumption for a longer period of time. Preservation does not replace any necessary disinfection of drinking water that is not in perfect condition."

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